Daniel Mangan

Education Researcher / Instructor

Daniel is a PhD candidate in Research and Evaluation Methodology in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research interests focus on the intersection between educational policy and the relational elements of teaching and learning. His current work employs quantitative research methods and quasi-experimental design to explore the impact of multi-year student-teacher placements (“looping”) on educational outcomes. As part of a Research Practice Partnership with Denver Public Schools, Daniel also conducts statistical evaluations of programs designed to improve equity, teacher retention, and student learning, and he collaborates with policymakers and other educational stakeholders to better interpret and act upon findings. After more than a decade of teaching in K-12 public schools, he now teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in statistical methods as well as educational history and theory.


Ph.D. in Research and Evaluation Methodology (expected May 2023)

University of Colorado Boulder, School of Education

M.A. in Teaching

Lewis & Clark College

B.A. in English / Creative Writing

Colorado College


Atteberry, A., & Mangan, D. (2020). The sensitivity of teacher value-added scores to the use of fall or spring test scores. Educational Researcher, 49(5), 335–349.

Atteberry, A., Engel, M., Doughty, M., & Mangan, D. (2020). A report on the Denver Public Schools Highest Priority Incentive program: Descriptive results and estimates of causal impacts. University of Colorado, Boulder: Teacher Workforce Collaborative.

Professional Presentations

Mangan, D., Atteberry A, & Engel, M. (2022). Do Multi-Year Student-Teacher Assignments Improve Teacher Job Satisfaction and Retention? Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management. Washington, D.C.

Mangan, D., Atteberry A, & Engel, M. (2022). Through the Looping Class: An Investigation of the Impact of Looping on Student Outcomes in Denver. Association for Education Finance and Policy. Denver, Colorado.

Atteberry, A., Engel, M., Doughty, M., Mangan, D., & McClure, K. (2022). Do Teacher Evaluation Systems that Allow for Principal Discretion Result in Systematic Bias? Association for Education Finance and Policy, Denver, Colorado.

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Ft. Worth, TX (held virtually).

Atteberry, A. C., Engel, M., Mangan, D. J. & Doughty, M. (2020, Apr 17 - 21) The Effects of Bonuses for Recruiting and Retaining Effective Teachers in High-Needs Schools in Denver [Symposium]. AERA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA (Conference Canceled)